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Opolis Public Radio | Freelancing, Finances and the Future of Work


Opolis Public Radio (OPR) digs into how a rapidly changing world is impacting our lives and what we can do about it, with a focus on freelancing, finances and the future of work. Opolis is an employment cooperative, open for anyone to join, that is structured to incorporate member input to solve common challenges. Opolis has developed systems that give freelancers and gig workers access to the same benefits as corporate employees as well as financial automation tools that automate quarterly taxes and help achieve peace of mind. Learn more by tuning in to recorded podcast episodes right here or visit https://opolis.co/.
Episode 15: Gitcoin & Opolis Partner to Help Freelance Developers Get Health & Employment Benefits as Part of Employment Commons CoalitionMarch 01, 2021 Episode artwork Episode 14: Tips on Entrepreneurship & the Future of Crypto Invoicing at Opolis with Dapix’s David Gold November 27, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 13: The Employment Commons Board of Stewards & Open Enrollment with Barry GoersNovember 13, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 12: Platform Cooperativism & Governance of the Opolis Employment Commons with Auryn MacMillanOctober 15, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 11: The Opolis Rewards Program & Token Launch with Eric ArsenaultOctober 01, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 10: Bill Warren of Peeps Democracy on Being a Member of the Opolis Employment Commons & DAOs September 17, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 9: Russell Castagnaro of the Colorado Governor’s Office of Information Technology - State Driven Digital Innovation, Colorado's New Digital ID & Colorado JamSeptember 03, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 8: Vignesh Sundaresan of Lendroid - DeFi, Digital Assets & Changing How Freelancers Get Paid August 20, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 7: Nathan Schneider of Colorado University - Governance, Cooperatives & the Next EconomyAugust 06, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 6: Kevin Owocki of Gitcoin - Democratizing Employment, The Internet of Money & Quadratic Funding July 23, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 5: Sean Li of Magic Labs - Digital Identity, Big Data & Web3 Mass AdoptionJuly 09, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 4: Jason Wiener & Yev Muchnik - Legalizing the Employment CommonsJune 25, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 3: Eddie Pastore of Opolis - The Launch of the Employment CommonsJune 10, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 2: The ETHDenver Core Team - Devcon 2019 Highlights & Takeaways November 17, 2019 Episode artwork Episode 1: Dana Look-Arimoto of SettleSmarter - The Myth of Work-Life Balance October 03, 2019 Episode artwork